W is for Watermelon

17 May 2019

This week in Foundation, we have been learning some new letters and sounds of the alphabet! One letter we have focusing on is ‘W’. We brainstormed different words that begun with the letter ‘w’, some examples were:

  • water
  • watermelon
  • work
  • wake
  • white
  • why
  • whale

Children were also given the opportunity to taste some watermelon as a learning experience. After tasting the watermelon, children shared their opinion with a friend…they used the words ‘I like watermelon’ or ‘I do not like watermelon’. As a whole class, we then brainstormed words to describe what watermelon looks like, tastes like and feels like. Here were some words we came up with:

  • delicious
  • yummy
  • good
  • red
  • green
  • watery
  • cold
  • slippery

The children then wrote a sentence about their thoughts on watermelon and then followed a directed drawing video on how to draw a watermelon. They loved this activity!