Harmony Day

We enjoyed a fantastic Harmony Day and look forward to continuing the celebrations at our Cultural Connectionz celebrations later in the year:

Afghan Celebration – June 20th (Term 2)
Polyfest – September 7th (Term 3)
African Pride Day – November 23rd (Term 4)

If you would like to be involved with the organisation of these days or perform, please contact the School Office.

Senior Athletics Day

Congratulations to all of the children who participated in today’s Senior School Athletics Day. Well done to Mr McDonald for coordinating a fabulous day, given children the opportunity to participate in organised sporting competitions, pushing themselves past their limits. We would like to extend our appreciation to all families who supported today’s events and finally thank the teachers for their enthusiasm throughout the day!

Subway orders

Subway lunch orders are offered at Cranbourne Carlisle every week. Subway has provided envelopes for ordering which must be handed in, with correct money, to the class teacher on Wednesday mornings. Parents need to complete the order by selecting the fillings that children would like in their lunch. The price of $5 includes a six inch sub and a drink (water or apple juice). Orders may be upgraded to a foot long sub for an additional $2.50. Only food items listed will be available and only orders placed via the classroom, in the correct envelope, will be accepted.
Completed envelopes with correct payment need to be handed to class teachers on Wednesday mornings. No late orders can be accepted. Lunches will be delivered to the School Office and distributed to classes each Thursday. Extra envelopes are available from class teachers or the School Office.

The Resilience Project Parent Night

Thank you to all of the parents who made it to our Parent Information Night presented by The Resilience Project. Hugh van Cuylenburg presented for the evening touching on the importance of gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. We were challenged to specifically spend less time devoted to our devices and live in the moment. Here are some comments from our very own parent community survey:

“The most challenging part for me is to control the mobile phone addiction”

“It was an eye opener, I’m so grateful to the school for such a session”

“I want to communicate more with my children now”

“I see how hard some people in the world have it over what I have”

“I need to change a few things at home to reflect these thoughts, as kids observe and follow parents”

The school community will continue to prioritise positive mental health through the use of mindfulness and The Resilience Project approach.


The following parents have been duly elected to the Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School Council in the Parent Member category:

  • Tanya Caruana
  • Biftu Hawas
  • Belinda O’Shea

Tobin Cuss has been duly elected to the Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School Council in the DET Member category:

As the number of nominations in each category equalled the number of nominations, there will be no need for a ballot.

Camps and Excursion Fund Applications

Camps, Sports & Excursion Fund (CSEF) Applications are now due.  If you have a Health Care Card or Concession Card valid on 29th January, 2018 you will be eligible to receive $125 per child to go towards paying for Camps and Excursions.

If you applied for CSEF in 2017 at our School you will not need to complete an application in 2018, unless there is a change in your circumstances.

In the following circumstances you will need to complete an application in 2018.

  • You had a child start in Foundation this year.
  • The name on your Health Care Card has changed.
  • If your child started at Cranbourne Carlisle PS during 2017 and your application last year was lodged with another School.

If you have any questions please come into the Office and speak to Michelle.


The Resilience Project


We look forward to our Resilience Project night and invite all parents from the Cranbourne Carlisle PS community to attend this evening. Children and staff have listened to speakers from The Resilience Project so far this year and we would like our parent community to have the opportunity as well. The focus of this night will be on gratitude, empathy (compassion) and mindfulness, leading to a happier life.

As the night is designed for adults we will have child minding available if required. Children will be bringing home an attendance slip, please return this ASAP.

CCPS Fitness Group

We are excited to announce we are launching a CCPS Fitness Group. For those parent who would like to increase their fitness and health levels, as well as those looking to create a new friendships. Details are as below, or please contact the School Office with any additional questions.

Group leader – Alanna Taylor

  • Make new social connections from the CCPS community
  • Exchange recipe ideas for dinners and school lunches
  • Group walks
  • Basic fitness and exercise sessions
  • Meet for coffee afterwards
  • Monday will be the meeting day, see dates below

CCPS Fitness Group is child/pram friendly, so bring them along too!

Term 1 Dates – Feb 26th  Mar 5th  Mar 26th
Term 2 Dates – Apr 23rd  May 14th  June 4th June 25th

What to bring: Drink bottle, hat, something to nibble on
Meet point: Front of CCPS
Meeting time: 9:30am for 9:45am departure
Cost: Free