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We are pleased to provide a chance for parent feedback. ‘Tell Them From Me’ is an online survey system devised by The Learning Bar that helps schools capture the views of children, teachers and parents. The TTFM Parent Survey link is now open for all parents and carers in the CCPS community. All responses are anonymous and help create a broad set of data for us to consider. This survey will provide the school with a range of information that when combined with information from our teacher and children will help drive decision-making in the school moving forward.

The survey can be found online by visiting the following link:

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Tobin Cuss
Assistant Principal


There have been a number of children returning to school too soon after illnesses involving vomiting and/or diarrhoea. This means that children may still be infectious and could spread illness throughout the school. It is very important that sick children have adequate time at home to recover from their illness and do not return too soon, putting others at risk of also becoming ill.

Children with vomiting or diarrhoea should:

  • rest at home and not attend school. Children should be excluded from attending for at least 24 hours after symptoms stop, unless otherwise advised by a medical professional
  • wash hands thoroughly with soap and running water for 10 seconds after using the toilet
  • drink plenty of clear fluids to prevent dehydration. Avoid undiluted fruit juice and soft drinks as they may increase dehydration and diarrhoea. Rehydration drinks that replace fluids and salts are available from chemists.

Please keep sick children as far away from other people as you can!

See you doctor for advice as soon as possible if symptoms continue.

Jewellery worn to school

From the Cranbourne Carlisle Uniform Policy:

Parents are reminded that stud earrings and sleepers worn in the lower earlobe are the only acceptable jewellery to be worn to school. Watches are permissible upon parent approval. No responsibility is accepted by the school.

In an effort to prevent jewellery-related injuries from occurring during physical education, we request that no jewellery at all be worn on the days that children have PE. If earrings must be worn, please ensure that they are small studs only.

Thank you!

Warning to parents

As an eSmart school, we feel it is vital parents are aware of what their children are doing online.

It has come to our attention that many children in the school are aware of the Momo Challenge, which includes children receiving terrifying messages and images, ranging from threats and dares to encouraging self-harm and even suicide.

Please consider the following information provided by Practical Parenting.

How do I protect my children online?
According to National Online Safety in the UK, there are several ways you can help protect your child when they are using apps or devices.

Tell them it’s not real
Much like any other monster or fictitious character, it’s important that your child understands that Momo is not a real person and cannot control them, tell them what to do or harm them. Also, tell your child not to go openly searching for this content online as it is only going to upset them and cause them distress.

Be present
While it’s not always possible to be with your child 24/7, it’s important that you are close to them when they are watching videos or playing with devices so you can monitor what is going on. Also, talk with your child about how they use devices and watch for any signs of behavioural changes.

Talk regularly with your child
Have frequent open and honest conversations with your child about screen time and let them know that they can talk with you about anything and everything. Encourage your child to feel confident about having discussions with you about issues and concerns they have related to the online world.

Set parental controls on all devices
Set up parental controls for your devices at home to help restrict the types of content that your child can view, as well as help you monitor their activity. On YouTube, turn off the ‘suggested auto-play’ on videos to stop your child from viewing content they may not have selected.

Talk to your child about peer pressure
Trends and challenges can be tempting for kids to take part in regardless of how scary they seem and especially if ‘everyone else is doing it.’ Talk to your child about how they don’t need to bow to peer pressure or do anything they are not comfortable with, either online or offline. If they are unsure, encourage them to talk to you or another trusted adult.

Do your research
As a parent it’s natural to feel worried for your children’s safety, in the online or offline world. However remember not everything you see online is true. Check the validity of the source and be mindful of what you share as it may cause unfounded worries.

Report and block
Flag and report any material you deem to be inappropriate or harmful as soon as you come across it. You should also block the account/content to prevent your child from seeing it.

Get support if necessary
Speak with educators at your child’s school if you have concerns regarding their online activity. If your child sees something distressing it is important they know who to turn to for support and guidance. They can also contact the Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.

Included below are some articles providing further details. article on Momo
Child suicides linked to ‘Momo Challenge’



SCHOOLPIX will be here on TUESDAY 12 MARCH

Dress:                          Full summer school uniform.
Any head coverings are to be in school colours
Hair:                             Neat and swept off face. Long hair is to be tied back.

Online Orders:             To pre-order online, take your personal Order and ID Numbers found on your order form and go to can be placed online up to 2 working days after photography.  You do not need to return the order form if you order online. 

Remember: All orders placed online before midnight on photography day will receive a free 20cm x 25cm black and white portrait print.

Manual Orders:            Complete your order form and return with payment to school on photography day.

Sibling Orders:             For a special photo of your children together order online by 8am on photography day.  Alternatively collect a Sibling Order Form from the School Office or download it from the SchoolPix website and return it on photography day.  Only siblings that place an order will be photographed.

 If you have any questions call SchoolPix on 1300 766 055 or email

Important Reminders

A reminder that tomorrow night Tuesday 19 February is our annual Community Night, we hope to see you all there. The night runs from 5-7:30pm and there will be pizza, sausages and ice cream for sale to keep you and the family full!

Secondly, this Thursday 21 February is a pupil free curriculum day while the teaching staff are involved in a professional development day. School will take place as normal on Friday 22 February.

Chicken pox

We have received notification of a confirmed case of Chickenpox at Cranbourne Carlisle. This is an isolated case at this stage, but we need to inform our community of the following symptoms:

  • low-grade fever
  • general discomfort, illness or lack of wellbeing (malaise)
  • intensely itchy skin rash — appears as small blisters surrounded by irregularly-shaped patches of inflamed skin. The blisters first form on the body and later on the head and limbs. They usually burst and develop crusts after about five days
  • ulcers may develop in certain areas

Chickenpox is infectious 2 days prior to the onset of the rash until the blisters have all crusted into scabs. Children are not to attend school during this time.

Pregnant women and newborn babies should not be exposed to people with chickenpox.

See the link below for more information.

ACE Foundation

The ACE Foundation is proud to partner the Glasses for Kids Programme in assisting the children in the City of Casey.  ACE Foundation is delighted to inform you that if your child requires glasses they can receive them for FREE.

Parents are required to fill out the voucher/consent form attached and call any of the approved centres to make an appointment for your child to receive a bulk-billed comprehensive eye examination. If your child requires glasses, you will be able to choose a pair from a specific range and the ACE Foundation will pay for them.

There is NO COST to you. Consent and voucher forms are now available at the Office.

Curriculum Day 21.02.19

Families are reminded that next THURSDAY 21 FEBRUARY is a Curriculum Day. Children are not to attend school on this day.

Outside school hours care will be operating on this day for families who have previously enrolled. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. Contact Di on 0468 967 510 to make a booking.