Bookweek fun with 001

23 August 2019

Children had a great time celebrating Book Week this week. Throughout the week classes from Foundation through to year six competed in the ‘Battle of the books’ whereby we all read seven nominated books chosen from each year level. Out of all the books we read 001 voted for “Seriously, Do Not Open This Book!” but unfortunately that book was not voted the most favourite. Instead ‘The day the crayons quit’ was the most popular throughout the school but we did love this book too. It was extremely funny and is worth reading. Our most favourite time  though was dressing up as one of our favourite book characters. We showed our costumes off during the school parade and congratulations to one of our 001 friends Oliver, who won best dressed over the Foundation year level.

At lunch time we decided to enjoy our lunch out in the sun and ended the day with a book week colouring activity. Well done to all the children and families who put so much effort into Book week character costumes this year. All the children looked amazing.