7 August 2019

To kick off this term, we have been learning about Procedural Writing. To help us with our learning and understand how to develop and follow accurate procedures, we made cupcakes!

Firstly, we all had to research a cupcake recipe of our choice and write down the recipe. Ms Listings helped us with the icing recipe and even made us a big batch to share with 520. We then had to look up different ideas about how we might like to decorate our cupcake.

Then came the day to decorate our cupcakes! We used the recipe that we had created to decorate our cupcakes. We had a variety of different lollies to use, sprinkles and unicorn confetti. We all worked well to decorate our cupcakes, we then took pictures on our SeeSaw accounts and posted them so our family and friends could enjoy our work.

Decorating our cupcakes and following our procedures was a great way to experience procedural writing. Also, thanks to Mr Johns who baked all the cupcakes!