406 Weekly Highlights!

3 May 2019

Its our second week back in term 2 and our learning and fun continues here are some of the children’s highlights:

Jaydah – “This week enjoyed cross country and inter-school sports”

Ali – “I liked inter-school sports, I played soccer and we won!”

Hania – “This week I enjoyed playing gymnastics with Zuhal”. “I enjoyed writing on the tables for multiplication and handwriting”

Tanvi – “This week I enjoyed playing with Lydia and competing in cross country”

Jazlyn – ” I really like cross country and my friends stood up for me”

Ruya – “This week I enjoyed cross country”

Lydia – “I enjoyed writing on the tables for math this week and research dingos”

Hannah – “I enjoyed doing our maths on the tables”

Birmajii” I like competing in cross country and inter-school sports”

Tanvi – “I liked making new friends this week”

Rosabella – “I loved drawing on the table!”

Ms Spinucci – “In numeracy the children were challenged to use different strategies to solve multiplication. We did this by drawing on our tables with a whiteboard markers and some magic erasers to clean up the after-‘math’! The children loved this fun and engaging activity and really demonstrated their understanding of multiplication! Well done 406!”