406 – Ceres Excursion!

24 May 2019

Wednesday 22nd May, Children in Year 4 visited Ceres environmental park. Here we learnt more about the indigenous culture and land. It  was a beautiful sunny day. Our first activity was a walk along Merri Creek, this is where there was a high indigenous population, we looked at the tools they used and discussed how they use to live.

Next we were told about Dreaming stories and shown different pictures that have been created by indigenous artists. We then became apart of a story named Tiddalik the frog. Children dressed as the character and acted out the story.

Finally we studied aboriginal artworks and painting. We use a special soft rock named ochre. Using a hard rock we crushed the ochre and added a small bit of water. This made a chalk like paint. Children used the paint on their arms and also had a traditional painting on their face. For girl their face paint represented an emu and for boys their face paint represented an eagle.

It was a fantastic day and we learnt a lot!