210 | Dreamtime Tuesday- Biladurang the Platypus

4 November 2019

Every month, C.C.P.S. celebrates Dreamtime Tuesday.  This is an opportunity to develop our understanding of Indigenous culture. Last week, we listened to the Dreamtime story Biladurang the Platypus and discussed its meaning and purpose.  Here is a retelling of the text written by Neda.

There lived a duck called Thurakoo. She wanted to go swimming by herself, but her mother did not let her. Thurakoo ignored her. Thurakoo found a spot to make a nest but then a water rat took her to be his wife. She tried to escape and when she did, she went back home. When Thurakoo arrived home, her sisters and mum were happy to see her and they all had baby ducklings. They showed her them. Thurakoo also had babies but they did not look like ducks. Each duck was a platypus.  Soon Thurakoo left and went swimming with her babies for a safe place.

By Akwut
By Isla
By Neda

When Neda grows up, she wants to be a scientist because she thinks scientists are like magic especially when they make explosions. She likes to write and make things. She spends a lot of time thinking about science and is planning on building a robot that can move, do stuff and it will also have a camera on it.

Stay tuned for another fantastic writer next week.