115| Colourful Semantics

22 July 2019

This morning in  115 we were using colourful semantics to create silly sentences. We discussed the order of the colour cards in order to make our sentences sound right, then thought of a word to match each colour to make a sentence.

Here are some of the sentences that some of the children came up with today. Some children did not include all of the colours.

Danial- Mrs Ottenhoff is eating gross bugs at school at 3:15pm.

Meleane- Mrs M is writing in a soft book on a table at home.

Abhi- Slimy is sliming the whole city.

Azaryah- A ghost is drawing a banana at 7:30 at the shop.

Divya- Divya is writing big numbers at home.

Sam- Will is jumping on the hot trampoline.

Ishi- Ishi is playing with a small LOL doll outside today.

Benjamin- A dog is cooking a car at a slimy shop.

Jagroop- A frog was hopping outside on a slippy rock.

Elham- Silly Danial was playing on the swings doing a backflip at the park at 4:00.

Jake- A ghost is cooking a slimy car at home.

Aminah- The clown is juggling at the beach at 6:00

Fazil- Fazil was playing soccer at the park at 6:00.