114 | Persuasive Writing – Should We Step On Ants?

16 May 2019

Since the beginning of term 2, the Year Ones have been learning about persuasive writing. This has been such an exciting topic for 114 and we have all had such great ideas for our writing. This term some of the Year One children have been writing about the following topics:

  • Should have a classroom pet?
  • Should our class have an elf on the shelf?
  • The snow is better than the beach
  • Should we have a swimming pool at our school?
  • Ice-cream is better than chocolate.

The children have been exploring the structure of persuasive writing and have demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm during this unit of work!

A book we have recently read as a class was titled “Hey Little Ant” written by Hannah and Phillip Hoose. This wonderful book tells the story of a boy and a tiny ant who begs the boy not to squish him! The boy wishes to step on him and squish him but the tiny ant presents some interesting reasons as to why he should live!

The children thoroughly enjoyed this text and wrote a response. They were asked to pick a side – the boy OR the ant. They were then asked to explain their opinions and record them. Here are a couple of responses our children in 114 wrote!

Some of the responses included…

“He should not step on the ant because they are living things

“He should not step on the ant because they have families like us

Aren’t the children in 114 so clever?!


Miss Belisario