114 | Buddy Reading

3 November 2019

Hi everyone,

The children in 114 have been developing their fluency and expression skills during reading by reading with a partner or in a small group. We found that reading aloud to a friend really helps build our confidence.

We have also been learning about non-fiction text features this week like captions, labels, headings and pictures/ photographs. We are all very confident in identifying at least 1 text feature when we read a big book together in class!

-Miss Belisario

Side note: 

Well done to the children who have kept up with their daily reading at home and are bringing in their dairies each day! Your hard work does not go unrecognised. Keep it up! Some of you are close to reaching 200 nights! Amazing effort!

Here is just some food for thought as I came across this picture below and found it quite interesting. Reading is so important. Every night, every book and every word you’ve read…it ALL counts!