Zones of Regulation

Our hope is that all children at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School are to independently recognise and adjust (self-regulate) their level of alertness whilst being able to re-direct how their revealed behaviors can be adaptive using specific strategies in order for them to achieve these goals.

Our whole school use of The Zones of Regulation shows that we believe a child’s learning is

dependent on a positive, healthy mind. This approach recognizes that we regularly change our mood, but that some people are more self-aware of this than others are. We want all staff to understand the basics of Zones of Regulation, so they are able to teach children positive coping and regulation strategies so they can in turn help themselves when they are stressed, anxious, frustrated or sad. This approach does not attempt to exclude certain emotions; rather understand them, and how then know how to shift their feelings. This approach is very effective with children on the PSD, but is vital for ALL children to learn.

With the four coloured zones, children can make a simple identification of how they feel. CCPS commit to professional development for staff, both in small groups and as a whole, as well as sharing this message with our parent community. After recess, lunch or at any chosen point in the day children are able to express their feelings on a Mood graph, which will allow teachers and integration aides to adjust their plans and support accordingly.

Classes are encouraged to create a Zones toolbox, which can include different resources for the different zones, display actions that represent the different zones and design lessons within their PLC related to emotions and feelings.