Year Three | Assembly

2 May 2019

This week the Year Three classes performed at the whole school assembly. In Term Two our school value focus is Resilience. We have been learning about what resilience is and how to be resilient when faced with a problem. The children confidently explained to the audience what we had been learning in class about resilience. They then performed the song ‘Get back up again’ which encourages them to never give up and get back up again if they experience problems.

They also presented a role play of the dreamtime story ‘Mirram the Kangaroo and Warreen the Wombat’. This story was read in class as part of this month’s Dreamtime Tuesday. Children had the choice of how they would like to reflect on the story and they chose that a role play would best show their knowledge of the story.

– Miss Smith, Ms Abey & Ms McCormack