210 | What would you say to your teacher?

6 May 2019

What would you say to persuade your teacher to give you ‘free’ time on a Friday afternoon?

This was part of the conversation in 210…

We have been learning for 3 years and so we need a break. Aydin

We deserve it because we work all week and Friday is the last day of the week and we need a break. Zarif

We learn to share and to join people in. We learn how to cut, draw and build. Zarif, Afsana and Aisha

We learn to make new friends. Isla

We learn how to do new things. Aashvi

We write letters to our friends. Afsana

We learn to respect other people. Caelan

We learn collaboration. Aisha

We learn resilience and never give up like when the lego breaks. Willman

We learn kindness and to help each other. Rachel

We learn new games. Neda

We learn curiosity because we are curious about other things. Caelan

We have to work together. Jasmine

What do you think? Have they convinced you? They certainly persuaded me!  Mrs  Murphy