Update COVID-19 22.3.20

22 March 2020


Updated Advice: Coronavirus                                                                22.3.20


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you once again for your cooperation and understanding as we all manage this changing situation each day here at school. Absences are high at the moment which is understandable as some families choose to keep their children at home. Whilst the school remains open for business at this point in time,  as parents you have the discretion to keep children at home if you are able to adequately care for them.


Again, I remind families that the school must remain open until we are directed to close by the Department of Education. However, each family can make their own decision about whether you send your children to school.

Learning at home

Soon, we will be placing some resources on our school website to support families to continue learning activities at home. The link can be found under the curriculum menu:

This will not be formal instruction but rather a collection of links and resources from which parents can select.

The Learning from Home website is also available for students and parents to use at home, and resources are available on the FUSE website.


The Education Ministers have met and decided that NAPLAN will not proceed for 2020

Additional Pupil free days

Our Teachers are doing an incredible job teaching classes each day, looking after students’ wellbeing to alleviate anxiety and in addition to that they are also working hard to prepare for the possibility that we will need to move at some stage to more flexible learning arrangements, including remote learning.

The Minister for Education has approved an additional two pupil-free days. The first will be on the last day of this term – Friday 27 March– and the second will be on the first day of Term 2, Tuesday 14 April after the school holidays. This will provide an important opportunity for our school to consolidate our preparations.

While our schools and teachers are well prepared to commence remote learning, it won’t always be perfect, and we will learn as we go. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this new situation of home learning.

I would like to reassure all parents that in the event of a school closure, you don’t have to try and re-create school at home. The most important thing right now is the well-being of everyone, love your kids, be their safe place. Read, create, play, sing, and talk together. My own children are grown up and one is currently in Year 11 who is doing a Year 12 subject now, but we are planning on spending the time together, having technology free time and lots of board game nights in the event that we are all asked to stay home.

Meetings and activities

For the time being, we will be cancelling all meetings and gatherings unless they are absolutely essential. School Council meetings have been cancelled for this term at least, and all extra activities have been postponed.

Parents in the school

We are asking parents to only enter the school for essential purposes. We are ceasing parent helpers and other parent-related school activities. Please continue to leave the school grounds as soon as you have dropped your children off and only enter the school grounds AFTER 3.15pm to collect them. Try to avoid entering the school grounds at all, if possible.

Essential meetings with school staff regarding your child’s well-being or other issues should continue, although, phone contact rather than face-to-face is in the best interests of everyone in our school community and indeed our whole nation.

Reporting absences

If you choose to keep your children home because of concerns about Coronavirus, please notify the school because there is a special code for their absence.

Absences can be reported via text message or by calling the school office.

 Text message:  0438 218553 (SMS only) Please list your child’s first name, family name, class and reason for absence

Phone school office5991 3600


Reports to the school

Any confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be reported to the school by DHHS and then relevant information will be passed on to the community.

Thank you for your support as we work to keep our students, school community and nation safe.

Kind Regards,

Nicky Walker