SNAKEBUSTERS Come to Visit 001!

29 May 2019

Today the Foundation children at CCPS were visited by the Snakebusters. We were introduced to many different reptiles and were given lots of information about each of them!

The children were given the opportunity to look, touch and hold the animals. Some of the animals we met today were:

  • blue tongue lizards
  • a variety of snakes
  • turtles
  • crocodiles
  • tree frogs

After our visit from the animals, the children used their knowledge of ‘red’ words (describing words) to describe how the animals looked and felt. Here are some of the words we brainstormed:

  • smooth
  • hard
  • bumpy
  • rough
  • scaly
  • scary
  • angry
  • brown
  • yellow
  • orange
  • black
  • soft
  • pointy
  • wet
  • slippery
  • cute
  • long
  • cold
  • heavy

The children had an absolutely AMAZING time and were all so brave! Have a look at the photos from our session…and yes, the teachers had just as much fun as the children!