Principal’s Welcome

Our motto “Many cultures, one community” truly reflects the cultural diversity of our local and, indeed, our Australian community. We promote an appreciation of different cultures and support the children to deepen their understanding of, and respect for, differences through their friendships with other children. We teach our children about our environment, Australia and its past, inclusive of our indigenous people. Children learn about the importance of behaviours that demonstrate, respect and understanding of all people who inhabit our land and our planet.
As parents you make an incredibly important decision about your child’s future. The choice of school should depend on a range of reasons that include your child’s academic progress, social/emotional wellbeing as well as their individual talents and skills.
We believe in strong partnerships between home and school. We encourage you to become active participants in your child’s education and we welcome your contribution. By being actively involved you are sending your child a very positive message that school and education is extremely important.
Our school values of Respect, Resilience, Collaboration and Curiosity provide a focus on positive and supportive behaviours and are central to who we are and what we stand for. Academic, personal, and social wellbeing is fostered by offering challenges and support through a dynamic and creative Learning and Teaching environment which encourages hard work, self-esteem, and a spirit of community enterprise. We develop capable learners who are active participants in their own education, understanding where they are at in their learning, and setting goals for ‘where to next’.
We are committed to providing an attractive, safe and stimulating learning environment for your child.

Nicky Walker