Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School (CCPS), a place where we truly value the opportunity to work with our families and local community to create positive outcomes for all children.

Our school motto, Many Cultures, One Community embraces our diversity, celebrates uniqueness, and reminds us to learn and grow together. We are proud of our community and aim wherever possible, to incorporate the traditions, customs and celebrations of all members of our school. Our Cultural Connections program is widely recognised as best practice in schools for building leadership through multi-culturalism. You can read more about this and other initiatives on our website, under the Climate tab.

Below are our vision statements, which are a clear summary of our goals for each child as they share their lives and experiences with us throughout their education at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School.

  • To inspire a passion for learning through building curiosity and collaboration in a supportive learning environment that challenges thinking and inspires excellence
  • To encourage resilience and a positive self-image, with a focus on respecting ourselves, others and the world

These statements aren’t just words: they are a commitment made by CCPS staff, to provide each child with the very best education by ensuring there is challenge at the right level; support when required and a variety of experiences to generate a passion for learning that ignites curiosity and allows each child to flourish and discover their full potential.

At CCPS we have four strong values, embedded within our vision statements which underpin all our decisions and behaviours:


These values are incredibly important to us as a community as they define who we are and how we behave as we learn and live together.

Respecting ourselves, others and the world ensures that as humans, we focus not only on our own needs but the needs of those with whom we share our spaces and the environments in which we live, learn and play. Building a sense of identity as an individual, existing within a community, is essential for children to become healthy, social and active citizens. Our staff demonstrate respect through their positive, caring and empathetic relationships with students, parents or carers, colleagues and the wider community. We pride ourselves on honest, open communication with families and appreciate the respectful relationships our families build with us as we work together to ensure each child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our specifically designed program, Creating a Cranbourne Carlisle Community (CCCC) ensures that all students spend the first week of each term focusing on learning that builds a greater understanding of personal wellbeing, connection to the school community and respect for self, others and the environment. Through this program of engagement, students collaborate to define and establish their optimum learning environments. They work together building a deeper understanding of what it means to be resilient and curious. Within this program there are strategies and processes that are utilised throughout the year to support respectful conversations between students, teachers and families. A significant part of this approach includes Restorative Practices which provides a clear framework for supporting student behaviour management. At CCPS, children have the opportunity to talk through their choices, consider alternatives in the future and rebuild relationships. More information about our restorative approaches can be found under the Climate tab on our website.

At CCPS we believe that your child’s journey is one we share together. We invite you to become part of our community, to work with us to achieve the goal of providing the best possible education for your child. Please take the time to learn more about our school by exploring our website.

Best wishes,

Sally Webb


Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School