Poetry Part 2 |213

18 October 2019

The children are very proud of the poems they wrote together.

The Walk

I went for a run

Down the path and it was fun

My sister never stopped talking

Then we went back home walking


Paige, Amalea ,Amu

Honey the Bunny

On the weekend I played with my Bunny named Honey

She was running and being funny

She likes to hop

Her ears go flop


Marzia, Hayley, Jagav,Mayen



We went walking

My big sister never stopped talking

It was sunny

My little sister was funny

We had a run

Now that was fun


Aishmeen, Salim, Sarah

Sunny the Bunny

My fluffy, grey bunny

Twitches her little nose which is funny

Her name is Sunny

She is a cute bunny


Mia, Taqwa, Maddy

Noodle the Poodle

I got some money

To buy some honey

I took my white poodle

Its name is Noodle


Armani, Taliyah, Josiah