Enrolment Form

1. Student Details
Personal Details of Student
Primary Family Home Address
2. Family Details

This question is asked as a requirement of the Commonwealth Government. All schools across Australia are required to collect the same information.

Primary Family Adult A

NOTE: The ‘PRIMARY’ Family is: “the family or parent the student mostly lives with”. Additional and Alternative family forms are available from the school if this is required. These additional forms are designed to cater for varying family circumstances.

Primary Family Adult B
Primary Contact Adult A
Business Hours
After Hours
Primary Contact Adult B
Business Hours
After Hours
Primary Doctor Details
Primary Emergency Contacts
Name Relationship Telephone Contact Language Spoken
Primary Billing Address
Other Primary Family Details
3. Student Demographic Details
Demographic Details of Student

State Arranged Out of Home Care - Students who have been subject to protective intervention by the Department of Human Services and live in alternative care arrangements away from their parents. These DHS-facilitated care arrangements include living with relatives or friends (kith and kin), living with non-relative families (foster families or adolescent community placements) and living in residential care units with rostered care staff.

If not leaving from home, where is your child traveling from?

These questions are asked as a requirement of the Commonwealth Government. All schools across Australia are required to collect the same information

School Information
Conditional Enrolment

In some circumstances a child may be enrolled conditionally, particularly if the required enrolment documentation to determine the shared parental responsibility arrangements for a child is not provided. Please refer to the School Policy & Advisory Guide’s Admission page for more information

Custody Restrictions
Medical Details
Asthma Medical Condition Details

Answer the following questions ONLY if the student suffers from any asthma medical conditions.

Other Medical Conditions

More copies of the other medical condition forms are available on request from the school.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Student Enrolment form. We understand that the information you have provided is confidential and will be treated as such, but the details are required to enable staff to properly enrol your child at our school.

This permission form will be held at the office for the duration of your child’s enrolment at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School. If you change your mind please inform the office (in writing) immediately.

Social Media

From time to time the school events will be advertised and shared with the community using our School’s social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter) to help provide families with the opportunity to keep up to date with events as well as modelling smart, safe and responsible use of social media.

Viewing Media

Children will view media designated suitable for education purposes and rates G or PG.

School Website, Photos And Videos

Throughout the year children will have their image captured during the recording of activities at school. These photos or videos may be included in other children’s work and published on our school website or in local newspapers with school permission. Videos are safely and securely uploaded via our official Youtube channel. Parents/Carers must give permission for their child to be included in the publishing of their child’s photo or videos on the school website or in approved local newspaper articles.

Throughout your child’s education the school will be arranging head lice inspections of children.

The management of head lice infection works best when all children are involved in our screening program. When the Principal Team is notified of an infestation, they will determine the appropriate action to be taken.

The school is aware that this can be a sensitive issue and is committed to maintaining child confidentiality and avoiding stigmatisation.

A notice may be forwarded home requesting checks or a check may be authorised immediately.

The inspections of children will be conducted by a trained person approved by the Principal Team.

Before any inspections are conducted, the person conducting the inspections will explain to all children what is being done and why it will be emphasised to the children that the presence of head lice in their hair does not mean that their hair is less clean or well kept than anyone else’s. It will also be pointed out that head lice can be itchy and annoying and if you know you have them, you can do something about it.

The person conducting the inspections will check through each child’s hair to see if any lice or eggs are present. This will be done either in the First Aid Room or discreetly in the classroom.

In cases where head lice are found, the person inspecting the child will confidentially inform the child’s teacher and a member of the Principal Team. The office staff will make appropriate contact with the parents.

Please note that health regulations requires that where a child has head lice, that child should not return to the school until the day after the appropriate treatment has commenced.

The school will request the completion of an “action taken form”, which requires parents to nominate if and when the treatment has started.

Please inform the school office of guardianship / custody changes for your child as this form will need to be re-signed to reflect these changes. Please also inform the school in writing if you no longer wish to provide consent for the school to undertake the head lice inspections for your child.
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