Education Week in 001

24 May 2019

This week is Education Week.

Education Week 2019 is all about celebrating careers and pathways that will make your dream job come true.

Children were asked what they want to be when they grow up. Here were their responses…

Mia: a doctor

Azalea: a coffee lady

Rounak: a fireman

Ollie: a fighter

Arman: an avenger

Harlyn: a garbage man

Kaiden: a policeman

Millie: a hairdresser

Zahra: a cake maker

Yuvi: a garbage man

Teiva: a doctor

Alina: a party girl

Maryam: a pizza maker

Vaiana: a ballerina

Carter: a garbage man

Charlie: a racecar driver

Diana: a princess


They were also asked to draw a picture and write what they would like to be!