Dreamtime Tuesdays

22 May 2019

At Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School, Dreamtime Tuesdays occur once a month, introducing children to a Dream-time story through a video or short story, as planned by the Marrung Team.

As a PLC, please find your own age appropriate way to explore the story through one or some of the following: writing, drama, art, oral language, sustainability, geography, digital technologies
According to the belief of indigenous culture, all life as it is today – Human, Animal, Bird and Fish is part of one vast unchanging network of relationships which can be traced to the great spirit ancestors of the Dream-time.

The Dream-time continues as the “Dreaming” in the spiritual lives of indigenous  people today. The events of the ancient era of creation are enacted in ceremonies and danced in mime form. Song chant incessantly to the accompaniment of the didgeridoo or clap sticks relates the story of events of those early times and brings to the power of the dreaming to bear of life today.

As a part of their learning the children have the opportunity to reflect the Dream-time story as individual, pair or group activity. Also the children have a choice of the media they want present such as a writing, poem, role play, dance or art work. Here is one of the presentations as a role play we had in the class.