Dreamtime Tuesday – Why the Koala got a stumpy tail

Dreamtime Tuesday – Why the Koala got a stumpy tail

29 April 2019

On Dreamtime Tuesday we have learnt about The Rainbow Serpent, the Brolga as well as Mirram the Kangaroo and Wareen the Wombat. This week children will learn ‘Why the Koala got a stumpy tail’.

Dreamtime Tuesdays are a way for children to learn about the philosophy and mythology of Dreamtime or Dreaming stories. Each year level will cover the same story, but will follow it up in different ways. We will continue to work in strengthening the link between our children and Australian history and culture.

The Dreaming is the worldview which structures many Indigenous cultures, providing Indigenous Australians with an ordered sense of reality-a framework for understanding and interpreting the world and the place of humans in that world. This worldview performs three major functions in Indigenous cultures:

  • It provides an explanation of creation-how the universe and everything within it came into being.
  • It provides a set of blueprints for life-all living forms were created through The Dreaming.
  • It provides a set of rules or laws for living. The Dreaming provides rules for social relationships, economic activities, religious activities and ceremonies, and art-in short, the rules governing all activities.