The Resilience Project

After beginning our partnership with The Resilience Project in 2017, the term ‘Resilience’ was selected as one of the new school values in 2018. Through staff consultation, we decided to focus on one key area of resilience per term, for a minimum of 40 minutes per week, through discussion, games and activities. We aim to create resilient learners across the school and equip children with tools and strategies to maintain positive mental health.

Termly Resilience Focus
T1 T2 T3 T4
Mindfulness Empathy Gratitude All three

A parent information session is run by The Resilience Project each year, helping educate our community on the importance of resilience. This night highlights how gratitude, empathy and mindfulness positively impact mental health and aim to remove negative connotations of dealing with mental health issues.

To further promote and link the importance of The Resilience Project, assembly awards at the end of each term will directly link to the key area of resilience. Classes are encouraged to include a skit at assembly based on the key resilience area of the term.

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