Cultural Connectionz

At Cranbourne Carlisle we support the promotion of cultural diversity and believe through planning authentic experiences children and families can gain agency in the life of school. This allows us a chance to dive deeper into a specific culture or tradition, with the aim of educating children and their parents of the positives in other cultures.

In terms 2, 3 and 4 our school community will take part in whole day Cultural Connectionz celebrations. In 2018, our inaugural Cultural Connectionz celebrations were Afghan Day, Polyfest and African Pride Day. For 2019 our Cultural Connectionz celebrations were focused on Aboriginal Australia, India and China. The names for these celebrations were Djeembana, Diwali and Dragon Dynasty Festival.

These whole day celebrations incorporate traditional dance, music, food and provide an opportunity for guest speakers (particularly from CMY’s SHOUT OUT program). Parent and community involvement is a hallmark of the event, with planning sessions scheduled during the lead up. These days allow children and families the opportunity to drive the direction and have legitimate decision-making power for the event. The events aim to bridge the gap between different community groups, providing the opportunity for pride and education.

During 2020, our Cultural Connectionz Days were unable to happen due to COVID19.

We look forward to celebrating other cultures within the school for 2021.