New Assistant Principal-Engagement and Wellbeing

Hello, my name is Tobin Cuss and I have called Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School home for the past seven years. Many of you will recognise me from greeting you each morning or saying good bye each afternoon out the front of the school. During this time, I have witnessed tremendous growth from our school community and most importantly from our children. It is with great joy and honour that I am becoming Assistant Principal in 2018. Lisa Vandenbosch, Trish Wallace and I will work together to provide the best education possible for all children, ensuring each child is valued for who they are. As the Wellbeing and Engagement leader I will work closely with children, teachers and families in supporting the school to provide a safe, challenging and engaging environment. I am excited about the future possibilities for this school and look forward to working more closely with our community. Please feel free to come introduce yourself to me on yard duty or I shall see you in the new year!

Bikes and Scooters

In the interest of safety for all children, only children from Years 3 to 6 are allowed to ride bicycle or scooter to and from the school, leaving the bicycle or scooter, during the school day, within the school bicycle shelter. This decision is based on the information available from VicRoads; Bicycle Victoria; as well, as the recommendations of the Australian Safety Council and Victorian Police.

The welfare and wellbeing of a child riding a bicycle or scooter, to and from school, is the responsibility of the parent. Road safety authorities recommend that before the age of ten years, children should not ride a bicycle in traffic without adult supervision. Up until the age of twelve years, most children do not have the skills or experience to be safe in traffic without supervision. Every year approximately 70% of all injuries or deaths involving children between five and fourteen years, are related to using the road – mostly as a passenger, pedestrian or while riding a bicycle ((VicRoads, 2006).

Parents of children in Years Prep/1/2 may supervise their child whilst riding to school, but the bicycle will not be housed in the school bicycle shelter as it is impossible for the staff to determine, for all children in their care, if parental supervision is in place, or not.

Sharing a bicycle or scooter or ‘dink’ on the way home is extremely dangerous and will be discouraged at every opportunity. Approved helmets must be worn at all times, for both bicycles and scooters, and must comply with the Australian Standards Mark AS/ANZ 2063.

It is acknowledged that not every family is a “two-car family”. Accordingly, parents are encouraged to explore the possibility of establishing a car-pooling or group walking arrangement with other parents to ensure safe transportation to and from school. The large majority of children enrolled are within walking distance to the school and, in light of the current statistics concerning child obesity, walking is a very healthy activity. All bicycles and scooters are the responsibility of the owner.

New uniform items available from Monday 4 December

Exciting news! We have been working with PSW to update and improve our uniform. The sports polo has been given a fresh new design and the school hat is now purple and created in a lighter, more breathable fabric. A special sports top in a fabulous sublimated design has been introduced for our Year Six children and a black beanie with embroidered logo will be introduced in time for the winter months.

This new items will be phased in throughout 2018, so there is no urgency for families to rush out and make these purchases immediately. 



City of Casey has changed the ‘no parking’ zone at the front of the school on SIlky Oak Drive. This zone now extends along the fenceline, from the end of the school path to the intersection at Robusta Avenue.

This means that between 8.00am and 9.00am, and between 3.00pm and 4.00pm, you can only stop for 2 minutes in that area if you are picking up or dropping off children. You musut stay within 3 metres of your vehicle.

If you stop in, or partly in, an area showing a no parking sign and you are not picking up or dropping off passengers or goods, you are considered to be parked and can be fined. This is the case even if you stay with your vehicle.

City of Casey will have parking officers around our school, mornings and afternoons, for the next few weeks to help people understand what they can and can’t do when driving, parking and picking up or dropping off children. They are working very closely with the school to help us improve safety for children on the roads.


  • School finishes at 2.30pm today
  • Children return to school on MONDAY 9 OCTOBER
  • There will be no Breakfast Club on the first day. Breakfast Club will resume on THURSDAY 12 OCTOBER
  • Family Learning Club resumes in Week 2 of term, WEDNESDAY 18 OCTOBER

We wish all families a restful holiday break and hope you all enjoy the warmer weather.
We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces on Monday 9 October, ready to start an action packed term!

Boscastle Pie Drive

Don’t forget to order your delicious pies! Orders need to be returned to the School Office by FRIDAY 22 SEPTEMBER, with payment in an envelope.
Orders will arrive and be sent home on TUESDAY 10 OCTOBER.

Fundraising activities such as this pie drive will make a vital contribution towards improving the resources and facilities available for our children.  Thank you for your continuing support of the school and happy eating!

Please see the attached order form or contact the School Office for more information.