Book List Invoices and Policy

This section contains the Tax Invoice for your child’s stationary and program requirements for the school year.  The fees are broken into three areas. Essential Education Items, which are the materials purchased by the school and provided to your child. This also includes curriculum items for our enrichment programs like Art, Physical Education, Information Communication Technology and Music.

As well as these programs, children enjoy having iPads and Laptop computers in each classroom. The second section is the Voluntary Contribution which is used to build and maintain our library collection, provide further materials for our Resource Hubs and Take Home reading books.

School Fees are an essential part of providing high quality, standardized resources to children.  The school has maintained the same annual fee for three years and endeavours to provide the best possible value to parents. The DET Parent Payment Policy can be viewed here. Parents who are experiencing genuine hardship should read the Hardship Policy before contacting the school.

As a school, we are happy to assist families in need within the policies provided by the Department of Education and Training.