Family Learning Club

Our Family Learning Club will begin in Week 6 on Wednesday 7th of March. We look forward to seeing a great turn out of children, as well as any parents or relatives who would like to come and support the group.

Interested in being a volunteer? Contact Tobin Cuss or the School Office now!
– Read books with children who might not have someone to read with at home
– Guide children through story writing (the teachers will help explain at the beginning
– Help children with maths problems
– Hang out with the childrenĀ and let them know they are valued

In other exciting news our Community Art class commences this week! Join us at 2:15 to participate in an art class ran just for our parents/grandparents. Each week our fantastic Art teacher Ms Brewster will lead the adult class, where you will pick up new skills and make new social connections within our school community. Please contact the School Office or Ms Ciane Brewster if you would like to participate. She can be reached at