Excellent start to 2016!

We congratulate all children for a wonderful start to the school year. It is a pleasure to visit classrooms and see children happy, on task and engaged in their learning.

Children in Foundation had their first day at school today and settled in very quickly. We are all looking forward to getting to know them over the coming weeks.

The school structure, as of today, is as follows:

Year Foundation
002   Leonie Michelon
004  Meenu Bhuvan
005  Melanie Manamperi
006  Megan Comben
Year One
101   Kelly Clark
103  Tara Bateman
107  Lee Reich
108  Anne Waller
Year Two
210  Fran Curmi
211  Leonie Kingston-Yates
212  Kara Greenough
213 Jessica Spinucci
Year Three
318  Alicia Crang
319  Bronwyn Wysocki
320  Amy Mepstead
Year Four
421  Mandy Davis
422  Saskia Teunissen
423  Champa Abeygunawardana
Years Five
514  Barb Grady
515 Hollie Dunstan
Year 6
616 Pam Urquhart
617 Kevin Roberson
Primary Welfare Officer   Jason Leonard-Scott
Education Support           Julie Hopkins / Tracey Listing
Reading Recovery           Robyn Mayle
ICT                                   Tobin Cuss
Art                                    Ciane Brewster
Music & Library                Adrian Vitale
Physical Education          Stuart McDonald
OSHC Co-Ordination       Di Johnstone
OSHC Assistants             Kaitlyn Green / Ranjit Kaur
Business Manager           Nicholas Macura
School Office:                  Michelle Streat
Sarah de Pradines
Assistant Principal           Patricia Wallace
Acting Principal               Murray Geddes
Murray is a highly experienced Principal and acting Senior Advisor with the Department of Education and Training. We welcome him to our school community whilst Cheryl is on leave and look forward to Cheryl’s return in the near future.