National Reconciliation Week

Children and teachers will be recognising this important date in Australian history in Week 7. Children will view videos featuring Eddie Betts, Buddy Franklin, Cyril Rioli, Paddy Ryder, Kevin Rudd, The Yung Warriors and Xavier Rudd.

Our children will also have the chance to learn about a Welcome to Country and how it differs from an Acknowledgement of Country.

As a school that prides itself on being “Many Cultures, One Community” this is an opportunity we are keen  to teach and learn about Australian history and culture together.

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

CSEF applications close at the end of Term 2.

If you have a health care card and haven’t applied for CSEF at our school before please see Michelle at the office to complete an application.

You will need to complete an application if you had a child start in Foundation this year as he/she will need to be added to your family details.


Lisa Vandenbosch will be on (well earned) Long Service Leave until Monday 28th May. For any queries in her absence please contact the School Office or myself as I will be in the role of Acting Principal.

Tobin Cuss

Mother’s Day

Thank you to all of our lovely mothers and families who made it to our High Tea. There was an overwhelming response to the event and we are so grateful to have had so many people involved. Children hold such a built in connection with their mother and it’s one we are glad to honour.

A special thanks to all of the staff involved in organising this event, especially Ms Spinucci and the Special Events Team. We look forward to hosting the event in 2019, which will include a few slight modifications to improve the day.

Basketball Bonding

As part of our ongoing commitment to obtaining the best possible outcome for each child, Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School is able to offer a select group of Year Three children the opportunity to participate in a Basketball Bonding group.

This program is facilitated by myself, and will occur once a week for 10 sessions. The purpose of the group is to help members develop team work, respect, resilience and motivation. The Cranbourne Police will be sending some officers to a session to help create positive links within our community.

Session 1 was held today and the children were excited, keen and then a little tired! If any parents have a fitness qualification or passion and would like to be a guest coach at a session please come see me or someone at the School Office.

Tobin Cuss
Assistant Principal

Preparing for Afghan Day

In preparation for our Afghan Day (June 20th) we have begun a Language Group catering to parents who speak Dari and Pashto. Currently this group consists of mothers from our Afghan community. We are happy to give much of the decision making power for Afghan Day and the Language Group to our Year 5 & 6 children.  This opportunity is building up their leadership skills as well as valuing their contribution to our school community. This is giving the children a chance to express their opinion and the power and will to make decisions.

Our current enrolment details show that nearly a quarter of the children at our school come from Afghan backgrounds. The upcoming celebration will follow Ramadan (15th May – 14th June), a religious custom many of our school community will be observing. This celebration time is known as Eid and we hope to see all of our community joining the festivities on June 20th.

Soccer Match Cancelled


Unfortunately the Dandenong Dad’s team have had to pull out. Most likely they were worried they were going to lose!

Thanks for offering to play and hopefully you will consider playing should we organise a different time later in the year.