Birthday Celebrations

At Cranbourne Carlisle, we love to celebrate birthdays! It is a joy to see children share treats with their classmates (and teachers!) on these special days.

However, sometimes treats sent to school for sharing can have serious repercussions for children with allergies or medical conditions. A wrapped lolly, such as a lollipop, Freddo Frog or mini packets of  Smarties, may be sent to school by parents/carers to celebrate a special occasion. Please do not send whole cakes as these are very difficult for teachers to manage. These will be given to the children at the end of the day to take home for parent/carer permission to eat or discard.

Parents are asked never to provide nuts or products containing nuts for any reason due to the serious risk these foods pose for other children with life threatening allergies.

Principal Appointment – Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that Ms Lisa Vandenbosch has been appointed as the Principal of Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School.

As President of the school council, I would like to officially welcome Lisa to our school as Principal.

Tanya Caruana
School Council President.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue in the position of Principal at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 18 months working with a dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff who are committed to creating the best possible educational opportunities for our children. I have met many of you and your extended families at school events, in the playground or through one on one conversations and I look forward to building relationships with many more.

I am committed to working closely with staff, parents and children to foster positive partnerships as together we create a culture of high expectations that acknowledges the richness and diversity of our school community. I am passionate about developing children as creative, critical thinkers and social learners who act with integrity and treat each other with respect. I look forward to the continued journey at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School.

Lisa Vandenbosch

At Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School we are committed to the smart, safe and responsible use of technology. We would like to offer parents and families with a series of videos and links to help educate our community on the positives and negatives of the online world.

Here is a short video on the issue of cyberbullying and the four short tips to help your children. If you have a child in Years 4-6 you may wish to view this video together and discuss the four tips together.

Stay tuned for CCPS Cyber Safety Tips #2…