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Recently, a concern was raised by a parent regarding the use of unsustainable palm oil in Subway products.

Unsustainable palm oil production is a serious global issue, leading to massive deforestation and loss of biodiversity in tropical ecosystems. Many endangered species live in the rainforest areas that are being cleared for palm oil production, including elephants, tigers, rhinos and orang-utans.

Subway Australia, however, only use palm oil that meets the standards for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. The following statement was found on the website:

“Subway Systems Australia (SUBWAY) has sustainable Palm Oil in Bread, Cookies and Parmesan/Oregano Bread Topping, which meets the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standards. Wraps also contain Palm Oil and our supplier has recently achieved RSPO accreditation. A sustainable Palm Oil will soon be used in the wrap product across all restaurants in Australia. We believe that the best practice today is to source palm oil from members of the RSPO. The “RSPO Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Palm Oil Production” are the global guidelines for producing palm oil sustainably, and they have been described as the World’s toughest standards for sustainable agriculture production. These standards address the legal, economic, environmental and social requirements of producing sustainable palm oil. Information on the RSPO can be found at ttp://

In addition to our suppliers complying with the RSPO standards, we are currently working towards reducing or removing the amount of sustainable Palm Oil used in our products in the near future. The SUBWAY® system is committed to providing a wide range of great tasting, healthier food choices, whilst reducing our environmental footprint and creating a positive influence in the communities we serve around the world.”

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) makes the following statement on their website:

The current ingredients list (link below) shows palm oil used only in the cookies and not in any of the bread products.

Subway Ingredients

Information regarding Subway’s corporate social responsibility can be found on their website:

Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School will continue to offer Subway lunches one day per week.

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