2015 Annual Report to the School Community

The 2015 Annual Report is now available for download. Please click here to save a copy.

The Annual Report is endorsed by School Council each year and provides information to parents and community members about our performance.  It also provides valuable comparisons against state averages and detailed information on our progress during 2015.

Should you wish to read a hard copy, please email the school so we can arrange a time for one to be collect from the school office.

ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Monday 25 April is ANZAC Day – a solemn day of remembrance of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who fought and died in Gallipoli in 1915. We also remember all soldiers who have fought and died for their country in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations, as well as the contributions and suffering of all those who have served.

ANZAC Day is a public holiday in Australia and therefore there will be no school on this day.