Please be advised that the school hours for children’s attendance shall remain as per Term 3 for the remainder of the year.

The change to the school hours is unable to take place within such a short time line.

Outside School Hours Care, School Crossing supervision, etc. all need adequate consultation.

I apologise if this has caused any issues for families.

It is best to have our children safe at all times.

 ALL Children return to school on Monday 5 October at 9.00 AM

 All Children will be dismissed from school at 3.15 PM 

Tummy Bugs!!!

Unfortunately, we have had a few cases of tummy bugs in our Foundation classes this week. Bugs like gastroenteritis are very common and can affect an entire class very quickly!

Gastro is an infection in the bowel that causes runny, watery poo and often vomiting.  Sometimes this is also accompanied by tummy pain and a fever.

In most cases, spread occurs from a person who has symptoms. Some people can pass on the infection without symptoms, particularly in the first 48 hours after recovery.

Children with vomiting or diarrhoea should:

  • rest at home and not attend school should be excluded from attending for at least 48 hours after symptoms stop
  • wash hands thoroughly with soap and running water for 10 seconds after using the toilet
  • drink plenty of clear fluids to prevent dehydration. Avoid undiluted fruit juice and soft drinks as they may increase dehydration and diarrhoea. Rehydration drinks that replace fluids and salts are available from chemists.

Please keep sick children as far away from other people as you can!

See you doctor for advice as soon as possible.