School Council Update

The Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) program ceases from the end of this year. For some families, especially Health Care Card holders with a child or children starting in 2015, significant financial outlay will be required with less support available.

Therefore, School Council have reduced the 2015 Year Foundation Booklist payment to $150 as the required minimum payment. This is a $100 reduction to assist parents to purchase the new uniform, school bag, book bag, lunch box, drink bottle, etc.

School Council have not made any increases, at any Year Level, to assist parents at this financially difficult time.

Please remember, the VOLUNTARY payment is the only optional payment. The booklist is a required payment. Payment plans are available by contacting Mr Nicholas Macura, Business Manager.

Our sincere appreciation to the families who continue to make full payment.


Foundation 2015 Information Evening

This evening, we welcome parents and carers of Foundation children enrolled to attend Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School in 2015.

We look forward to meeting with new families to our school, sharing information and beginning a positive partnership to give children the best chance for a successful start to their primary school education.