Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. Our values are important because they help us to grow and develop. The decisions we make are a reflection of our values and beliefs, and are always directed towards a specific purpose.

We are undergoing a review of our school values and would like your opinion in establishing a new set of values that reflect our current school community. Our teachers and the children are sharing their opinion at school. We have prepared a survey specifically for our parents.

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Major upgrade to Narre Warren-Cranbourne Rd

The Major Roads Project Authority is upgrading Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road and the Thompsons Road intersection in Cranbourne.

This upgrade includes:

  • adding an extra lane each direction between Thompsons Road and South Gippsland Highway
  • upgrading the roundabout with traffic lights at Berwick-Cranbourne Road
  • installing new traffic lights at the South Gippsland Highway intersection
  • installing new and upgrade other existing intersections
  • building a walking and cycling path
  • adding safety barriers along the road.

For more information and to view an interactive map of the planned works, visit the Major Road Projects Authority website

New equipment

We are very excited to see our children using our new soccer goal and basketball ring in the junior play area. This equipment has come just in time for sunny Term 4 and is a continuation of our commitment to healthy and happy children.

A friendly reminder that children require school hats for T4. It is important your child’s name is written on the hat to ensure it does not go missing, as they tend to get mixed up from time to time. Water bottles are also encouraged, so children can continue to drink water in class without a disruption to their learning.

Run4Fun Colour Explosion

Get ready for a blast of colour! We’re turning our events from bland to GRAND with an explosion of colour this year.

We’re excited to participate in the School Run4Fun Colour Explosion. It’s the colour craze that’s sweeping the nation™.

The fundraiser commences at the beginning of Term 4, so keep an eye out for the Sponsorship Form each child will receive to help raise funds for our great school.

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Final week of term

Congratulations to all the winning classes of our first ever Attendance Chip Challenge. The following classes are having their ‘Footy Day’ chips provided by the school: 006, 103, 213, 309, 414, 520 and 622.

We would also like to thank everyone who attended the Maths Family Night. The evening was very successful and we hope those who were in attendance enjoyed themselves. Well done to the prize winners!

Our second ever Cultural Connectionz celebration was this month. On September 7th we celebrated Polyfest with a range of foods, dances and activities. It is fair to say it was a fun and vibrant day.

Lastly we hope our Year 3 and Year 4 children enjoyed their experiences on camp the past few weeks. The teachers were very impressed by the behaviour of our children, but were more impressed by getting a good night sleep back at home afterwards!


Talofa! Today is the day for Polyfest. Thank you to all of the families who helped set the day up and all the children who contributed to the planning. We look forward to enjoying the speeches and performances this morning and we are all excited to taste some traditional Island food with our PolyFEAST. In class children will watch the following video to gain a better idea of why our children love their Islands!

Be sure to check back next week for a summary video of Polyfest.

Parent Opinion Survey

A note for all who received the Parent Opinion Survey letter or email (200 parents were randomly selected). The closing date for the online Parent Opinion Survey has been extended to Sunday 9 September 2018. Parents can submit completed online surveys until 11:59PM Sunday 9 September 2018.

Thank you for your school participation in the 2018 online survey.

School Crossing News!

We are very pleased to announce that City of Casey has now approved a supervised school crossing to be installed on Silky Oak Drive outside the front of the school. This crossing will be installed during the school holidays, ready for the start of Term Four.

We thank the City of Casey for working with the school and supporting us to prioritise the safety of our children and community at the front of the school. We are also enormously grateful to all the parents and community members who have raised concerns, both with the school and with the council. Thank you!