8 August 2019


On Wednesday the 7th of August the grade 5’s went on a little trip down to Cranbourne Secondary College to watch Grease the musical! When we arrived we jumped off the bus and headed in to the theatre. We were greeted by two year twelve leaders and a music teacher. They welcomed us and talked about the school and the musical, Grease then the music teacher said that we were more than welcome to jump in the car and take a photo with a buddy. We waited for the other two classes to arrive then when they finally arrived we went in to the theatre and sat in our seats. The musical then started and we had one break through out the show. The musical was awesome and the cast did an incredible job. When we were done we jumped on the bus and headed back to school. Overall, the show was great.We loved the expression and enthusiasm of the characters, they represented the characters in the movie exceptionally. The dancing, singing and costumes were very professional and it was obvious that a lot of time and effort had been put in. It was also a great experience for our children to visit the high school also.