520 | Reading about the Gold Rush!

4 November 2019

This term Year 5 have chosen the Victorian Gold Rushes and the Eureka Stockade as our main inquiry in Humanities. The children work independently through reading grids, which have questions and activities surrounding our whole school reading focus.

Children in 520 have also posed some inquiry questions to find out more about the gold rush. Some of these include:

  • What are indentured labourers? – Alysha
  • How long did the Eureka Stockade go for? – Hunter
  • What were the main diseases on the goldfields? – Lida
  • Why did they start using mining licenses? – Akshay
  • What were the tents made out of and why was that material good? – Nikhil
  • Did the miners trust the police? – Memory

Here are some photos of the children researching information using the reading grids:

Please ask us about our learning! We would love to tell you!

-Mr Johns, Year 5 Teacher