520 | Predicting with Non-Fiction!

23 May 2019

In Year 5, we have been focussing our learning on how to find text clues to make predictions about fiction and non-fiction texts. We read the book ‘What is an Australian Citizen?’ as a class. We looked at the text clues on the front page, the title and image, to make predictions about what the text would be about. We were pretty confident that this was a non-fiction text. We then looked at the back of the book to read to blurb to inform our predictions! Our final step was to read the contents page to find more clues about what would be in the text!

We found that we had a relatively good understand about what the text is about, but there was lots of information that was new to us! Our predictions remained similar, except we were able to refine them to make them more specific after finding the text clues!

– Matt Johns, Year 5 Teacher