520 | Line of Probability!

4 June 2019

What are the chances of a coin landing on heads when you flip it?

What about the chances of your mum winning $1,000,000 in the lottery?

Well – ask your children! We have been learning about chance and probability and, more specifically, the line of probability. The line of probability helps us to understand the chances of an event happening. The line runs from 0-1, 0 representing impossible and 1 representing certain. We have learned key vocabulary such as: impossible, unlikely, equally likely, likely and certain.

There are a few events we know are impossible and certain, however, a lot of our answers would change depending on who is answering the question or recent events that have occurred. We created our own lines of probability on See-saw and thought of events that we could fit on the line. Check out our work!

-Matt Johns, Year 5 Teacher