520 | Interactive Read Aloud!

6 August 2019

Recently, we have been focusing in on ‘analysing’ when reading for meaning. We read a beautiful book call ‘Sitti’s Secrets’, which is about a young girl called Mona who has a grandmother who lives in Palestine.

In this book, we spent a lot of time analysing how the illustrator communicated the author’s intention to the reader.

One passage we focused on was:

‘Between us are many miles of land and water. Between us are fish and cities and buses and fields.’

Have a look at how the illustrator represented the separation of these things in the image…

We also analysed the use of language to impact the reader. This author used lots of metaphors and similes to help us understand Mona’s thoughts about her grandmother:

  • ‘Her voice danced as high as the whistles of birds.’ – simile
  • ‘She had a thousand rivers in her voice.’ – metaphor

We loved reading this book. The children really connected to this text as many of them have grandparents or extended family who live overseas.

-Mr Johns, Year 5 Teacher.