520 | Fun Day Challenge – Every Day Counts!

28 May 2019

This term we have a challenge to ensure students attend school as much as possible. Children are encouraged to come to school every day and in doing so, data will be collected and the winning class with the highest attendance percentage will be able to have a fun day designed completely by the children!! There will be ONE class that wins from each of the following year levels: F-1, 2-3, 4-6.

We have brainstormed some ideas of what we would like to include in our Fun Day. The two most notable suggestions include a Harry Potter marathon and ‘Dressing Mr Johns up in a unicorn onesie and throwing tomatoes at him on a cold day as he runs on the oval’! This is YET to be confirmed, however I’m sure it would be a dream for some of the kids! Maybe the tomatoes could be substituted for wet sponges…

-Matt Johns, Year 5 Teacher