520 | ‘Flip!’ – Fluency in Maths!

16 August 2019

Hi everyone!

We have been LOVING our new maths fluency game ‘Flip’. Mrs Kent has been working with us for this term on improving our abilities in maths and mental computation. ‘Flip’ is a new game that Mrs Kent has been teaching the whole school! It’s really good for our number fluency and children are loving doing it and seeing their progress!

Children are at different levels depending on what their individual goal is. These may sound ‘easy’ but the children only have one minute to answer 50 different cards! Some of our goals include:

  • Naming numbers (1-10)
  • Number after
  • Number before
  • Doubling numbers
  • Adding 2
  • Taking 2
  • Near doubles

The game will continue to challenge children as they make progress! Thank you Mrs Kent for this amazing game!

Please ask your child to explain the game to you and tell you what their goal is! That way, you can monitor their progress too!

-Mr Johns, Year 5 Teacher