519l Life Education Van

17 September 2019


Reflection of the Life Ed Van –  By Ibtesam

What I learned from the Life Ed Van was that no matter who we are we all have to be treated equally and we learned more about respects and respecting others ideas, feelings and opinions even if there wrong or right. Yolanda the teacher taught us all about this by showing us this blogger called Bethany she talked about respect as well.


Life Ed Van – By Pera

What I learnt in life Ed is that friend ships don’t last forever but if you want to keep it you have to show respect to whoever you have a relationship with. I also enjoyed watching the videos because when the lights turned off it looked like it was the stars. There was one more thing that I liked and it was Harold, he was funny and we got to ask him questions about what he dose.


What I Learnt in the Life Ed Van – By Julia

In the Life Ed. Van, my class, 519 met Yolanda, she taught us about cyber safety and how to make new friends and treat them when we get into high-school or a new primary school.

For the first activity we watched one of Bethany’s blogs and did a True, False or sometimes game where Yolanda said a something that could possibly happened. We chose either True, False or sometimes

Many more things happened and we also met Harold. We had so much fun!!