519| Year 5 Kindergarten Visit

16 August 2019



Children’s Reflections

Carlisle Park visits by Ibtesam

At the Carlisle Park Kinder we buddied up with kinder kids and read them books then we played with them. My buddy and I first played with blocks we built tall towers, then we played with play doh and made different shapes and we made cookies with Julia’s group and Kainat’s group. Then we did drawing with Tilly’s group and the last thing we did was more building with Tilly and Rachel’s groups but with mega blocks. Then we packed up and they sang us the “hello” song. I really enjoyed the kinder visit and I and looking forward to doing it again.


Kinder Reflection

The boy I had was called Harvey. He was first shy when I read the book to him, but when we started drawing the sun I thought it was a potato and that made him laugh. Now Harvey wasn’t shy anymore and we started having fun with the toys. They also had a song for us at the end it was called the hello song. But when we had to walk back I saw Harvey wave goodbye to I felt sad and didn’t want to leave. That was my Kindergarten visit

By Samim


Kinder visit reflection! (Carlisle park)

It was really nice going back to kinder. I wonder if anything changed about how the teach kinder students. Carlisle Park kinder reminds me of our school. We are very multicultural and the kinder really stands that motto out as well. It was a great time interacting with the kinder children as they were very confident and great to be around They all worked together it was a great experience. They were always happy and listened. I had an amazing time getting to know the kinder children.

By Tilly