519| Dragon Dynasty Festival

16 August 2019

On Friday 16th of August we celebrated the Chinese Culture – called Dragon Dynasty Festival. These were some of our children’s highlights.

Dragon Dynasty Festival

Dragon dynasty at CCPS has been really fun so far! We had an assembly and there was some really cool acts. My favourite at the assembly was when they were playing with the shuttlecocks.  By Shujaat


The dragon dynasty festival

The dragon dynasty festival assembly was amazing we watched a lady do a Mulan dance, we watched the teachers do a dragon dance and many more. I really loved the dragon dance I also liked the lion dance by Daniel and Alex. I really loved it even for a person who does not like dancing. By Pera


My reflection to the dragon dynasty day festival. Today I went to the gym and we got to watch performances and we got to see boys doing dances and also girls doing the same thing. I also got to see a little dragon then nearly all of the teachers had to do a dance and that dance was the teachers holding a dragon and dancing around. I got to do the Australia national anthem and also the Chinese national anthem I also got to see a weapon from china and it was a fan. We got see how to use the fan in combat. I and the rest of the students had to do this all in assembly with pictures on the walls. By Silas