406 – Weekly Highlights

27 August 2019

Erick – On Wednesday we did assembly and I got to dance. I was a bit embarrassed.

Taanvi – My highlight was coming 2nd in relay

Titako – I went to district and I came first in triple Jump

Birmajii – Going to district and coming 4th in relay

Himi – I got first and second ribbons on Thursday

Celina – Wednesday doing our assembly

George – My favourite day was today seeing mr cuss and everyone else in their costume

Hania – I like today going to voice n choice

Jaydah – My highlight was yesterday at district because I attempted long jump

Jaz – My favourite day was today because mr cuss and mr mac looked silly and also my extra art class

Ali – I liked dressing up as a character

Jacob – Voice n choice with Ms Simons

Ruya – Today was my highlight because it’s the end of the week

Micah – Monday because I got to go to art club

Hannah – Playing on the monkey bars

Millad – My highlight was not having extra Dari school

Xzavier – Today was great dressing up

Reech – Today was fun doing basketball

Jake – I enjoyed playing basketball with my friends

Zuhal – I enjoyed playing basketball

Aliyah – Playing on the monkey bars