404| Recount Scramble

23 August 2019

For the remainder of the term we will be learning to write Recounts.

A recount is retelling an event or something that has happened to us in the order that they occurred.

The structure of a recount text is:

  • Title
  • Orientation – this introduces what the recount will be about and can include who, what, when, where, how or why.
  • Events – listed in chronological order. During this step we use and identify key organisational words such as first, second, next, then, after, following and finally.
  • Conclusion – sums up our recount and often includes our thoughts or an opinion.

During our writing we will ban the boring and include only the most interesting and important details.

Yesterday, we were given a jumbled up recount about owning a new business. It was out job to organise the recount in the correct order. It was really great to work together and discuss the reasons why we placed each sentence where we did and the key words that we identified along the way.

Here are some examples of our work.