404| How To Draw a Boat

1 August 2019

This week we were tasked with following the simple procedure below without knowing what the outcome would be.

We soon discovered that maybe these instructions were a bit too simple!! Here is what most of our completed pieces looked like.

After we learnt that our image was meant to look like a boat, a unanimous groan echoed throughout the classroom and laughter ensued.

Now we had to re-write the procedure using very specific information that could be easily followed with the end result looking like a boat!!

Here are a couple of examples of our procedures using the correct structure and descriptive language.

We are now typing our procedures onto the computer and giving them over to Ms Smith’s class who (without knowing what the picture is) will follow our procedures. This way we can see if our descriptive language was successful or we need to add more details.

We will keep you updated 🙂