404 | Fun Day Challenge

23 May 2019

Running from Monday 20.05.19 to 21.06.19 Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School are running an attendance challenge in the hopes to improve attendance across the school.

Children in 404 have been busy planning a fun day where they get to watch movies, have extra P.E sessions, have time for free writing/drawing, more time on technology and free dress.

The class with the highest attendance during this time will have their ultimate fun day put into action!!

Currently 404’s attendance for the term is sitting on 80.4% which is the lowest in the school!! We are competing against all classes in years 4 – 6.

All children are encouraged to arrive at school on time each day so as to not miss important information or instructions.

– All absences will be counted towards percentage – including explained and unexplained absences.
– Children that are late are also included in absences
– Excursions and over-night experiences are excluded from data

Winner will be announced on Friday 21st June.

Good Luck!!! 🙂