404 | C.E.R.E.S

30 May 2019

Last Wednesday the year 4 children were lucky enough to experience a warm sunny day for our excursion to C.E.R.E.S where we learnt about Indigenous culture and land.


We participated in three activities, the first being Ochre painting. Ochre is a soft rock that the aboriginal people crush down, mix with water and use for their paintings. We learnt about the history of indigenous art and the different style of art that comes from different parts of Australia. We painted our arms using the Ochre and had our faces painted like emu’s for the girls and eagles for the boys.


Next we went for a walk along the Merri Creek trail where we learnt about boomerangs and how they are made, the history of Melbourne, John batman and how Indigenous Australians are very sustainable in their way of living. We learnt a lot about eel traps and why they were/are used.


Our final activity was listening to and acting out a Dreamtime Story Tiddalick the Frog. The dressed up as frogs, kangaroos, cockatoos, eels and possums to help re-enact the story.


All in all it was a great day and we learnt a lot!