210 | Money, Money, Money

6 August 2019

210 was a hive of activity and laughter as the children played SHOPS with their friends. There were twelve children who wanted to be the shopkeeper so it was lovely hearing Afsana exclaim, “Let’s collaborate! I know let’s play Rock, Paper, Scissors and work out who it will be!” There were too many children for this to be resolved quickly, and then Rachel said, “Why don’t we write our names down, put them in a box then whoever gets their name pulled out is the person to have a turn?”  So that is what we did and all the children that wanted a turn got one. It was wonderful hearing the children asking the prices of different items for sale, offering discounts and exchanging money. Karan said, “I know about refunds, so I am asking for a refund. I have got lots of money just from returning things.” Zarif even made his own credit card with $1000000 on it! (Lucky Zarif)